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Join us to experience first-hand how Film Specific has helped thousands of filmmakers from across the globe fast track their financing and distribution efforts.

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Podcast: How To Leverage Cannes (Whether You're Going or Not)Podcast: How To Leverage Cannes (Whether You're Going or Not)
Every May buyers, sellers, filmmakers, and gawkers descend on the South of France for the Cannes Film Festival and Market. In this podcast Film Specific founder Stacey Parks disseminates how to fully leverage the tremendous opportunities to be had at the Cannes Film Market, whether or not you're attending. . . . More

International Distribution WebinarInternational Distribution Webinar
In this webinar we discuss the state of the international distribution marketplace, including the current landscape, international VOD and developing markets. . . . More

From Low Budget To Micro Budget And Crowdfunding For A New GenerationFrom Low Budget To Micro Budget And Crowdfunding For A New Generation
Our latest update from filmmakers Kimberly Dilts and J.T. Arbogast on their DIY efforts for distributing their finished film "Angel's Perch" and the upcoming crowd funding campaign for their newest project "Auld Land Syne". . . . More

Expanding Into New Markets, Expanding Financing OpportunitiesExpanding Into New Markets, Expanding Financing Opportunities
In this webinar we discuss utilizing a global approach to getting your films made. . . . More


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