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Join us to experience first-hand how Film Specific has helped thousands of filmmakers from across the globe fast track their financing and distribution efforts.

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Newest Training
Masterclass: What Are Sales Agents Bringing To The Table?Masterclass: What Are Sales Agents Bringing To The Table?
With all the changes in distribution, a sales agent often seems like a but of a relic, part of an outdated distribution model. In this masterclass we dive into the ins-and-outs of what sales agents still bring to the table. . . . More

Promoting Your VOD Release MasterclassPromoting Your VOD Release Masterclass
When it comes to VOD, it's not the aggregator's job to promote the release, it's the filmmaker's job. This comes as a shock to many. In this masterclass we discuss different ways filmmakers can promote their VOD release. . . . More

Boutique Theatrical And Service Deal DistributorsBoutique Theatrical And Service Deal Distributors
In recent years there has been tremendous consolidation with both boutique theatrical distributors and service distributors. So we've put together a handy guide of the distributors you need to know. . . . More

Film Market Prep Guide: The Independent Filmmaker's Guide to Navigating International Film & Television Markets
Film Market Prep Guide: The Independent Filmmaker's Guide to Navigating International Film & Television Markets This comprehensive guide shows filmmakers how they can effectively make use the international film and television markets to sell their completed films or pitch their projects in development. . . . More
Worldwide Independent Film Distributors Database
Worldwide Independent Film Distributors Database Our proprietary database of worldwide independent film distributors covering worldwide theatrical, home entertainment and broadcast distributors . . . More
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