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We offer a range of consultancy services for independently produced projects at every stage of production - from conceptualization to finished films.

Introducing FS PMD...
Introducing FS PMD... BUILD your audience from scratch, GROW the audience you have, LEVERAGE your audience for funding and distribution. After working for the last 10 years as a distribution and marketing consultant (a 'virtual' PMD or Producer of Marketing and Distribution) - to dozens of clients, I've identified some common pain points amongst high achieving producers when it comes to marketing and selling their films and it mostly boils down to audience. I'm presently curating a group of highly motivated, results-driven producers to join my strategic coaching and networking group called FS PMD. . . . More
Introducing FS Insiders
Introducing FS Insiders FS Insiders is a group of highly motivated and serious producers (based in reality, not dreamers) that I'm curating into a specialized network and community. These producers will be action takers and results-driven. With FS Insiders we'll start with creating a personalized action plan created for you with step-by-step guidance on what to do first, second, third and so on, then we'll move into intensive guidance throughout your implementation. . . . More
Comprehensive Distribution Consulting - Producer Repping Services
Comprehensive Distribution Consulting - Producer Repping Services An in-depth one-on-one, 90 day program to develop and execute your film's distribution strategy. In today's marketplace filmmakers need to take into consideration a strategy that encompasses both traditional and non-traditional methods for distributing their film. Each film is unique and every film needs its own customized strategy that includes both traditional and alternative distribution - to exploit the best elements of both traditional and alternative distribution, while weeding out the worst.We'll create a viable strategy to get your film in front of distributors, and audiences and help you position your film for sales, then guide you through its implementation. . . . More
Development Services Consulting
 Development Services Consulting 3-6 Month Development Services Consulting . . . More
Film Market Consulting - AFM
Film Market Consulting - AFM The Film Market Consulting Program is a private, three-month one-on-one consultancy for filmmakers who want to harness the power of the international film markets to get their completed films to market. . . . More