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Film Distribution Strategies

Our distribution strategies seminars give independent filmmakers an overview of all aspects of the distribution landscape so they can develop the best distribution strategies for their films.


• Domestic Distributors
• best bang for the buck on marketing
• key art referrals and advice
• Opinions on Two Sales Agents
• Key ingredients for Genre films
• DVD Rental Agreements
• Offer Question
• Real VOD numbers for using in a Biz Plan - continuing thread
• P&A optimization
• What Questions Do You Have On International Distribution?
• Crowd Funding Social Marketing Companies
• Financing/Sales Agents
• Great Kickstarter Campaign to Learn From
• Offer actor the director's position?
• Billy Zane Eric Roberts
• Cash flow during movie production
• Film I Produced with Martin Scorsese Screening @Cannes Worldwide
• Director Bankability
• Film Financing
• "Why Kickstarter is important"