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Film Distribution Strategies

Our distribution strategies seminars give independent filmmakers an overview of all aspects of the distribution landscape so they can develop the best distribution strategies for their films.


• Any experiences with Gravitas?
• PR Help
• Nice look book / key art for Toronto / AFM
• Development
• When Your Distributor Will Not Communicate With You
• Domestic Distribution - DISTRIBBER vs QUIVER
• Real VOD numbers for using in a Biz Plan - continuing thread
• Documentary makers - Sheffield experience
• Cannes 2015 Wrap Up & Takeaways
• Sales Agent Inquiry about CUT Entertainment
• Casting Director wanting to come on as co-producer - good idea or bad idea?
• Festival Strategy
• Where can I find Film's SAG Budget Level?
• Bankable actors for low-budget, smart indie horror
• the director conundrum
• Stage 32 Skype pitch - opportunity or mistake?
• Reviews?
• Leaving for international co-production meetings and looking for producer
• Looking for Film Finance? Investors &
• Development Plan for Low Budget Feature Film