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Film Specific Startup Film School Podcast

Film Specific Experts Seminar Series Archives

Welcome to the complete library of Film Specific's Experts Seminars Series. Please click on the links below to access the seminars.

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 Discussion Forum

• Gone thru the distribution process... now what?
• Negotiating with sales agent whilst in post
• Short film voice over
• Finished my First Feature Film
• Section 181 finance strategy
• Filmworks / Buffalo 8
• The Elusive iTunes
• alternatives to Fintage and Freeway?
• Sponsorship Deals
• Writing/Directing/Producing
• More tax credits for CA?
• Packaging Agent Question
• Do any producers make money before the back-end? How?
• sales projections vs MGs
• Producer-EP-Casting director
• attaching a director
• Tigerblood
• foreign film released on VOD platforms in US
• Line producer referrals