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Film Specific Startup Film School Podcast

Marketing & Self Distribution

Boutique Theatrical And Service Deal Distributors
Boutique Theatrical And Service Deal Distributors In recent years there has been tremendous consolidation with both boutique theatrical distributors and service distributors. So we've put together a handy guide of the distributors you need to know. . . . More
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Insider's Guide To Independent Film Distribution
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 Discussion Forum

• Angel's Perch VOD?
• who are the key players for domestic distribution?
• Getting P & A financing
• Trailer before distribution?
• Amazon Prime
• Up Front Fee for Sales Agent
• Dinosaur Island: Pre-sold into 57 countries
• Worth networking at TIFF now?
• House of Film
• is self distribution a business or a hobby?
• References for Bond Influence Film
• Coverage
• Making An Offer (without financing in place)
• Indie Game: the wonder kids
• Foreign Sales Estimate Accuracy
• German Film
• Minimum Guarantee
• Name Cast PreSale Value For $500,000 Feature
• L.A.-Based Line Producer for $5-10M Feature
• Divulging Sources