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Strategic Development

Hands-on support for your project in development

A comprehensive 12 month strategic advisory program

We work with you to build your early-stage film or (in some cases) television project into a market and finance ready asset.


Together, we create a strategic plan and then provide guidance at each step, advising on what to do first, second, third and so on, and continue to provide support throughout the process.  We effectively become your co-pilot in building your project.   

We've had a hand in producing or executive producing a dozen completed films in the past five years or so and consulted on dozens more.  We know what it takes to get a project made.  And we know what makes a project fail in the marketplace.  We created this program to help filmmakers through arguably the hardest part of the process - getting your project market and finance-ready.  

Why do we work with you for a year? Packaging a project is not easy.  Finding the right production and finance partners is not easy.  It takes perseverence, connections and, most of all, time.  

How we work with clients

2x 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions

We'll have our first strategy session when we get started and another one halfway through the year to review our plan and recalibrate if necessary.  Strategy session are held over the phone or via Zoom.  

Read and Review Script and Assets

We'll provide detailed and ongoing feedback before introducing your project to the market.  Once we take the market temperature we'll pivot and amend as necessary.

Pinpoint a Viable Finance Plan

This is based on your budget and packaging goals and takes into account optimizing tax incentive strategies and potential international co-productions.  

Pitch Strategy

How are you presenting your project to the market? We’ll work with you to isolate the parts to lean into and emphasize so you’re always putting your best foot forward and presenting your project in the most optimal way.

Packaging Strategy

We'll provide strategic guidance on actors to approach based on budget level and who will help sell your film to financing partners and later on, distributors.

Production Company Partners

Do you need to bring on a production company partner for your project? Is your project eligible for international co-production financing? I’ll help you strategize where to look and how best to approach potential partners.

Film Market Guidance

Planning on attending one of the big film markets like AFM or Cannes? I’ll make introductions to help get you meetings and strategize objectives to maximize your investment and time on the ground.

Sales Agency Outreach

Once we optimize all the development assets and pull together initial talent lists, I’ll submit it to my sales agency network to "take the temp" in the market. If we get any early bites, I’ll make the introduction. But our goal during this step is solicit market feedback on assets, budget level, and cast so we can go back to the drawing board if necessary and readjust things as needed.

Strategic Development clients will also have complimentary access to FS Pro for the 12 months we're working together.  


$500/month (12 month commitment) or $5500 (paid upfront)

We work with a limited number of select clients.

To apply to work with us please click the button below to fill out the assessment.   

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